About Us

Horseman Shoes is a journey of excellence in authentic African artistry driven by desire and passion. We harness and channel the vibrant creative energies of limited-opportunity youth and women towards applying taught skills to bring the best possible experience in footware.

Horseman Shoes are Quality, Authentic, HandCrafted and Made in Ghana, West Africa. Our range of products includes men’s dress shoes, ladies flat shoes, unisex sandals and slippers, school sandals and safety boots.

Horseman Shoes seeks to provide to the working class quality footwear that reflect status, taste and identity. We create by cutting and stitching each design by ourselves and for ourselves and thereby creating an avenue for our young men and women with the skill in craftsmanship and arts to explore their talents and abilities in fulfillment of their dreams.

The future of a wholistic and vibrant leather products manufacturing company that ships globally and connects our creativity with the aspirations of people worldwide.