Our Story

When we set out about a decade ago to make shoes for the middle class, little did we imagine Horseman Shoes would be making a difference in the lives of many including our shoemakers.

The people of Kumasi where we make our footwear are culturally skillful and our dream was to merge their artisanal skills and traditional craftsmanship for shoemaking with a business model that thrives on social impact and best practices.

At the heart of what we do is to improve lives and impact communities while providing sustainable means of livelihood. Horseman Shoes are thus imagined and crafted to perfection.

As an authentic Ghanaian brand that is Africa inspired and globally relevant, we are proud to work and collaborate with these artisans whose organic ethos and aesthetics align perfectly with standards of our own. Quintessentially, wearing a pair of Horseman Shoes becomes a symbol of pride, culture, evolution and far reaching impact.